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When you've got an original idea and sheer motivation, it’s tempting to catapult your business onto the internet and hope that people buy. But with a clear brand story and a consistent look, you'll build an imaginative experience and attract customers who loyally support your dreams.

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We feel that there is nothing more important for your success than a strong brand identity. With a cohesive look, it’s easy to make decisions about your website, your products, and your customer experience. During the branding process, we take a deep dive into the heart of who you are and why your business exists. Once we create the look and feel of your business, we’ll be able to better serve your ongoing needs as your business thrives. This is why we require all new clients to first start with brand identity.



Team of Designers
Discovery Materials
Brand Message
Business Strategy (tier 2 only)
Mood Board
2 Original Logo Concepts

3 Rounds of Revisions
Submarks & Logo Variations
Color Palette + Font Selections (for print & web)
Supporting Patterns, Icons, Textures or Illustrations
Brand Style Guide
Thank You Gift


the details

Our Process



The first step of your project begins with an in-depth analysis of the current state of your business, and your goals for the future. Through a set of self-discovery exercises, you will identify your immediate and long-term goals, which we use as a foundation for your brand message. This message will influence all aspects of your design, and is a crucial step to help us understand the heart of your business. Once the discovery process is complete, you will schedule a collaborative strategy meeting with your brand team.



Once we have established the direction and goals for your project, the team will enter a design phase, in which we will visually conceptualize the ideas discussed during the discovery process and create two original logos to visually represent your message.



After a logo concept is selected, we will begin to edit, revise, and refine the design to reach a final outcome that speaks to the heart of your business and your vision for the future.



Your brand will further develop with customized brand accessories that fit in line with the unique needs of your business, thoughtful font and color palette selections, and direction for applying your new brand style across digital and print platforms for a consistent, cohesive look.


PHASE Five: reveal

And finally... it's time to reveal your new look! With a comprehensive Brand Style Guide, you’ll be able to confidently showcase the new visual message of your brand and take your small business into the future.

Our Team


KADIE SMITH / creative director

Three years ago, I was in your shoes. There was a fire in me to chase after the dreams that were right within my reach. I had just enough ignorance and determination to blindly take the leap of faith and hustle to make it happen. I spent late nights and early mornings working with my first few clients, figuring out the ins and outs of freelance design and sketching a zillion ideas on paper, dreaming of the day my endeavor would feel legitimate, that I would possess the confidence of a business owner and the wisdom of a seasoned designer. I bring all that I’ve learned as a business owner and my education as a graphic designer to each and every client, brainstorming creative ways to tell unique stories to help you stand out from the crowd. Together, we will create beautiful disruption in a saturated online space.


ALLI KOCH / art director

As an artist who is also the brainchild of a highly successful calligraphy studio, Alli has a love of all things creative. Throughout her career, Alli has taught numerous artistic workshops, worked with countless brides and brands to craft campaigns and wedding suites, painted city murals, and even published a book on illustration. When she is not behind a sketchbook herself, Alli has a love for teaching, which she brings to the Drop Cap team, working closely with our designers to steer the direction of the project to its fullest potential and using artistic expression as a way to enhance brand development.


WHITNEY BLAISING / brand designer

Whitney has a free spirit and an excitement for fashion and lifestyle that she expresses through design. Her love of vintage patterns and desert tones run deep, and her background in retail at both Anthropologie and Free People have shaped the way that she views a brand’s entire experience with its consumer. You will most likely find her at home in Austin, TX trying new restaurants with her husband Garrett, going on road trips to new cities, or attending local concerts on the weekends.


SARAH DEAN / brand designer

While having her start in photography, Sarah is a designer whose love for publication and editorial design runs deep. She practices a journalistic approach to branding, digging deep to uncover a brand’s story so that it can be told in an honest and powerful way through visuals. When Sarah is not designing, you will most likely spot her and her husband Matt exploring the outdoors, sharing creative projects (they are both designers!) and loving on their precious tabby cat.


KAITLYN TONEY / brand designer

Kaitlyn’s eye for color is unrivaled. Her enthusiasm and quick perception of a brand’s style allow her to uncover the potential for how far a brand’s aesthetic can reach, and how well color can shape the outcome of the story. When Kaitlyn is not pairing pantones and designing energized designs, she is hunting for beautiful typography throughout her city, enjoying the company of friends in Little Rock, and doodling in the pages of her sketchbook.


KRYSTA MASCIALE / business strategist

With sixteen years of experience, Krysta doesn’t mess around. Time and again, Krysta has unlocked the true potential of a small business by creating clear and actionable plans to scale growth and profitability by nearly 120% in just one year. As a testimonial myself, Krysta is a key reason for the growth of Drop Cap, and we now are offering her priceless services to brands who are needing a clear strategy for sustainability and growth.

The Investment



This package is for brands who do not have a clear visual identity or narrative. This is Drop Cap’s primary design service and serves as a foundation for all design work. Throughout this process, you will become deeply acquainted with our design team, join our exclusive network of creative business owners, and become eligible for ongoing services through our talented team of designers.

$2,000 Investment (broken into 3 payments) / 8 week process


TIER TWO (limited availability)

For creative small business owners who are looking for a smart strategy for successful growth and high profitability, this package is for you. Combining the expertise of our brand design team alongside the experience and strategy of Krysta’s curriculum, you will have not only a cohesive visual message but an actionable plan for legitimizing your creative business. In addition, you will become a member of our exclusive network of creative business owners and become eligible for ongoing services through our talented team of designers.

$6,000 Investment (broken into 4 payments) / 12 week process

Our Work



let's start!


If you're ready to make your big ideas come to life and are determined to put your best foot forward, we're your design studio. No matter where you are on the entrepreneurial journey, we believe that the message you are sharing should match the heart and soul of your business. We would love to help you tell your story.