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Brand Review

Bossladies Magazine is a biannual publication for creative, entrepreneurial women. The magazine’s mission is to change the narrative of print media, so it more accurately reflects the values and interests of modern women. Each of their magazines focus on one particular city, sharing the stories of women who are building beautiful and impactful businesses within that city.

Design Solution / Brand Message

Before we came on board with bossladies, the magazine had taken an unexpected turn from a one-time promotional publication to a legitimate magazine. In this transition, we needed to develop a more robust template for the publication that would allow it to grow into its full potential. We included more interactive elements (including maps of the city) and worked to differentiate the layout and style of each interview.

brand design brand identity web design squarespace design branding
brand design brand identity web design squarespace design branding

Target Audience

While the age range of the bossladies’ target readership is diverse, the values of this market are consistent. The bossladies reader is creative, ambitious, positive, and enjoys the empowerment of women in the business industry. This reader places a high value on eliminating competition and negativity between women in the workplace and telling honest accounts of the journey of entrepreneurship at every stage of the process.


For the second issue of Bossladies, the spotlight city was Los Angeles. We wanted to simultaneously reflect the culture of the west coast, while showing diversity within the city itself. Alli created beautiful illustrations of the neighborhoods of Los Angeles highlighting the distinct characteristics of each. We divided the interviews by the neighborhood, and in doing so were able to show the vibe of each smaller community as a representation of the city and its creative inhabitants.

brand design brand identity web design squarespace design branding
brand design brand identity web design squarespace design branding

Color Palette

Bossladies’ iconic blush tone was the highlight color for the pilot issue, however we wanted to explore a richer, more mature palette for the fall edition. We selected a rich wine tone for the cover, and kept a muted blush tone in the interior pages. The maps gave us an opportunity to introduce a more extensive palette, but we still wanted flexibility in creating a minimal color story so that the photographs from different contributors would peacefully live next to each other.

Type Palette

The type palette for the magazine is sophisticated and timeless with a playful touch - like an ambitious female entrepreneur who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Each article of Issue 02 was an interview style, and we played with italics and serif styles to make the dialogue flow. The pull quotes and neighborhood titles were set in the energetic Playfair typeface and communicate the humor, honesty, and transparency that each bosslady brought to her story.

brand design brand identity web design squarespace design branding

illustrated maps

From the initial call, Chelsea and I decided we wanted to further highlight the city of each issue and decided to create neighborhood maps. Alli did a phenomenal job illustrating the maps for the issue and making each featured lady feel like she had a distinct place in the city of Los Angeles. The style of the illustration was whimsical and playful, grouping the business together and showing the vibrant energy of LA.

brand enhancement

When we first started working with bossladies, the primary branding was already established. However, we’ve had the opportunity to work with Chelsea to enhance the experience of the publication, push the boundaries of editorial design, and seek opportunities to tell stories in new and inventive ways. This publication is truly a collaborative effort and the combination of women who care deeply about female entrepreneurship. As we continue to work with bossladies magazine, we are excited to see how the publication grows and reflects the culture and community of each city that it features.

brand design brand identity web design squarespace design branding
As soon as I spoke to Kadie, I knew she was the perfect designer to help me guide bossladies aesthetic and design as we grew into our first year. Her professionalism and talent shine through every phase of the our work together. The maps, which were Kadie’s idea and Alli’s beautiful execution, are everyone’s favorite part of Issue 02.
— Chelsea Sonksen | Bosslades magazine


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