Enneagram for Entrepreneurs Early Bird Special!

Enneagram for Entrepreneurs Early Bird Special!


You asked for it....

The Enneagram for Entrepreneurs Course starts May 1!

As an early bird, you'll receive...

  • all of the regular course content at a discounted price
  • a 30-minute coaching call with Kadie
  • the opportunity to vote on the final lessons before they go live (think of it as a way to custom make the course of your dreams!!)

This special will run for one week only, so get your Early Bird spot while it lasts!

Details about this course....

What can I expect before May 1?
Leading up to the course launch, you'll receive 3 introductory emails to begin familiarizing yourself with the Enneagram before we start the lessons. 

Will you actually check the Facebook Group?
Yes! Not only will I be in the Facebook Group weekly, but that will be where I share sneak peeks of the course as it's finalized AND give you the chance to vote on final topics! On April 18, we will send additional information to the Early Birds as well as a link to join the group.

When can I schedule my 30-minute brand meeting?
We encourage you to schedule your meeting at the END of the course so that you can get the most out of your time, however you can schedule your call anytime between May 1 and June 30.

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