Brand Review

Staff Retreat Co. is a retreat-based program for individuals to find their true calling and pursue life in a bold and adventurous way. Rocky Garza combines in-depth personality and strength analysis with intuition and vulnerability exercises to produce an honest and clear path towards authentic living. He offers an experience of profound discovery and truth for those who are pursuing a richer version of life.

Design Solution / Brand Message

The Staff Retreat Co. brand identity is centered around the desired outcome for an individual - from personal to business - to realign with their purpose. Each program is tailored around personal discovery as a foundation for core decision making and discernment, so each program needed to become symbolic of various opportunities for personal growth and development.

Target Audience

The target retreater is either a millennial or young Gen-Xer who is searching for deeper meaning and clarity in life. They are burned out and unmotivated to live out their true potential, and are looking for someone to speak truth and honesty into their lives, while coming up with a plan for moving forward.

Logo Concept

With an untraditional business model like Staff Retreat, we needed a logo that would speak to the unconventional format, approachability, and adventure that came as a result of participating in the program. We finalized a graphic mountain peak to represent the mountain top experience of Staff Retreat Co. with the ongoing journey of self-discovery and personal identity. We further developed an icon system to represent the various elements of discovery as it relates to life, relationships, business, and motivation.


Color Palette

For the color palette, we played with muted tones of red, green, and blue to signify growth, determination, and peace that comes with an honest evaluation of one’s self. This palette appeals to both genders and is representative of the vibrant and playful tones of camp-life and adventure.

Type Palette

We combined a strong serif font with a minimal san serif to provide opportunities for highlighting quotes and features in the Staff Retreat Co. curriculum. The type hierarchy needed to allow an attendee to focus on the right questions, notice moments of reflection, and complete the participation challenges.

Brand Accessories

Staff Retreat Co. is a program-based business, so the curriculum was an important part of the design. We created a framework system for all of the curriculum to work as a cohesive whole, while hitting individual targets and creating a personal and individualized experience both during the retreat and as a momento for moving forward.

Digital Experience

Rocky had a challenge when it came to the website. Many first time viewers had a difficult time grasping the concept of Staff Retreat Co. and identifying the best suited program. We created an infographic that would allow someone to work through the necessary questions to put them in the right frame of mind before making a decision. We eliminated the main navigation to let the sole focus remain on the infographic, and included footer navigation site-wide.

One of the most distinct parts of working with Kadie was that she really understood my business because of the time effort and energy she put into getting to know me before she started. She took everything that I had in my brain and put it in the perfect design. Every time I had a suggestion or wanted to do something she had the perfect solution for it. Now, I feel like I am 100% confident in sending people to my website in order to communicate further what my company does and what we stand for.
— Rocky Garza | Staff Retreat Co.


Brand Identity  //  Icon Development  //  Curriculum Layout  //  Social Media Graphics  // Custom Squarespace Website.

photography by Sea of Love

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