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I’m glad you stopped by
because it means you’re ready to get after it.

And boy, do I believe that pure determination and a dose of faith will get you places.


I’m a brand designer by trade, but to be completely honest, I just like to help people visualize their idea and tell a really good story. My background is in editorial design, meaning I was all geared up for a life in publication as a writer and designer (professional storyteller) before life actually happened and sent me on a different path that was better than I planned.

Most days you’ll find me Google searching all of the business advice I can get my hands on. Why? Because three years ago, I was in your shoes. There was a fire in me to chase after the dreams that were right within my reach. I had just enough ignorance and determination to blindly take the leap of faith and hustle to make it happen. I spent late nights and early mornings working with my first few clients, figuring out the ins and outs of freelance design and sketching a zillion ideas on paper, dreaming of the day my endeavor would feel legitimate, that I would possess the confidence of a business owner and the wisdom of a seasoned designer.



We work with a whole lot of small business owners. 

Together, we’ve moved mountains and made waves, reshaped the mold to look a little more like us,
and boldly presented our honest selves for the world to see. Because we’ve got something to share.

If you had told me three years ago that I would spend every waking moment of my week pouring into inspiring go-getters and dreaming up compelling identities, I would have thought you were crazy. But every morning I get up and take new creative dreamers through our five-step branding process, or talk through making a compelling digital experience with our web developer, or sit down and review designs and share ideas with our insanely talented design team, or craft tailored brand accessories for the clients who have come back for more. And every day is new and exciting and right up my ally.


i invite you to share your story with us.




We believe that the best stories come from a place of deep honesty. When businesses lean into the core of who they are and what they stand for, a brand's heartbeat begins to emerge.


Design without purpose is merely decoration. Our process begins with research and ends with explanation, using visuals as a tool to communicate rather than a means to distract. 


As designers and visual storytellers, we are in the business of connecting abstract ideas to concrete visuals and businesses to their consumers. It is our primary goal to support your business' ability to connect with its audience.


our mission

At Drop Cap Design, our mission is to empower and inspire creative small business owners to tell a captivating story to their dream audience.
By practicing a minimalist approach and an editorial eye, we edit and refine ideas to land on the design that will pack the most punch and lead your tribe through a journey of discovery.






kadie smith

owner  |  creative director  |   brand designer

Hi, I’m Kadie Smith - the graphic designer, brand stylist, and creative entrepreneur behind Drop Cap Design. With a background in editorial layout, you’ll find stacks of magazines under my bed with notes in the margins and colored tabs peaking out from the spine. You’ll most likely find me sketching away in my sunny studio with a constant stream of coffee and a freshly sharpened Blackwing pencil. I often find inspiration from weekend road trips, interior spaces, and quiet afternoons browsing in Barnes and Noble. I bring my love of visual storytelling and typography to create distinct brand identities.










A workbook to help you identify your brand message and start attracting the right kind of customers.





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