2019 Goals: A Year of New Beginnings

The start of a new year – and a refreshed website to boot! When you read this post, it will be mid-January, but I wanted to record a few of my business goals below as a way to put it out into the universe (and also see what happened at the end of the year!)

I attended Hilary Rushford’s Elegant Excellence workshop and gained so much clarity around my goals and ideas for the upcoming year. I became one of her Elegant Excellent students two years ago, and it is still my favorite course I’ve ever taken to date. I actually went and bought every single program she’s ever made immediately after. I think she is an incredibly thoughtful and thorough teacher, and I continue to be delighted each time she comes out with a new workshop, program, or resource.


For reasons you’ll see below, I’m focusing more on the blog this year. In the past, I’ve felt so consumed with client work that it’s been difficult to find the time (or creative energy) to come out with new blog posts. However, that’s going to change this year as I intentionally set aside time to grow as a creative and designer. I enjoy putting together this content, and want to continue to product content and resources to help my friends in the online creative community.

So, prepare to bookmark this blog as it sees a giant wave of new content this year. I have an ambitious editorial calendar (could I really do it any other way?) and have redesigned the website to promote our blog content above our client work.

I’ll still take on a few select clients this year, but will be significantly reducing my client workload as a I embark on some new ideas and outlets I’ve been wanting to pursue for some time now.

Digital Shop

We launched the digital shop last summer, and I have really enjoyed seeing the templates being used! I’ve had new ideas for resources that we could add, and am going to try to release at least one new product each month this year.

I’ve gone back and forth about whether or not to also put these products on Creative Market (a platform I know so many of our clients use!) so you may find a Drop Cap store front over there in the next few months – and expect me to report back on the experience if we do!

Modern Huntsman

And here is the big reason why I’m taking on less clients and moving in a more product and content-based direction.

With the success and growth of the magazine over the past year, I’ve taken on a larger role with Modern Huntsman! I’ve absolutely loved watching Tyler realize this dream, and feel like there’s an opportunity for me to add a lot of value to the team. It’s also a new industry and demographic for me, which is an exciting creative challenge.

While I want to keep Drop Cap and Modern Huntsman relatively separate, I’ll most likely write a few posts throughout the year to give an update on my role within the company, and things I’m learning about publishing, media, and project management.

Email List

I know, I know, the almighty email list. This outlet has always felt like a chore, but it’s one of my goals this year to change my mindset and see my list as my core community.

I don’t know about you, but Instagram has felt less and less like a community as I fight the algorithm to see my friend’s work and try to spend less time in front of a screen. So I’m going to start treating my email list like my core community and really invest in that social outlet – creating exclusive content, resources, and workshops to get to know my subscribers and communicate in a more direct way.

I’m considering going through Jenna Kutcher’s email list course, because I enjoy the way she treats her community and would like to take my own spin using her tips and ideas for putting relationships first.

Enneagram Ebook

Last year we released the Enneagram for Entrepreneurs course, and I’m excited to refresh the course this year based on the new information I’ve learned and write a short ebook as a prequel to the course so we can dive in on a deeper level.

I’m also looking in to a certification program with the Enneagram in business specifically. Since getting into the Enneagram, it’s become such a hot topic with a ton of new resources floating around the internet. While I love the new enthusiasm around this tool I have fallen in love with, I want to make sure I’m absorbing correct information and doing my own due diligence in becoming the best Enneagram coach I can. I’ve learned so much through my own research and curiosity, but it feels like time to take it to the next level this year!

More Tutorials

This year, expect more tutorials and video lessons on the blog! There are a few new type-focused skills I want to learn this year, and will bring my curiosity to the blog with tutorials and mini-lessons as I pour through Skillshare and stretch my creative muscles.

I’ve also seen that Skillshare has new business and communication classes that I can’t wait to dive into and share with you!

First Typeface

Tyler has set a huge goal for me to create a Modern Huntsman typeface for the magazine. I’ve always wanted to create my own typeface, and have tried a few times in the past to make it happen, but something always gets in the way.

So this is the year I finally make it happen and I’ll definitely be sharing the process along the way.

What are your 2019 goals?

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  1. Allie says:

    As always, you inspire me beyond belief, friend. I’m eager to watch how you continue to transform all that’s around you into even more beautiful, sweeter things.