Our Process


Over the past five years, we’ve refined and revised our processes to make your brand and website design as enjoyable and painless as possible. We take a collaborative approach, and want you to feel involved in your brand’s creation every step of the way. Below, you can find links to our two design services and some frequently asked questions to review before our initial call.

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frequently asked

“Can I add a website or brand design to my project after I get started?”

You can always add a website design project to your brand design project at any time (depending on availability), but if you decide to rebrand in the middle of a web project, we will need to immediately pause the website project, schedule you for our next available brand opening, and resume the web project (with a slight additional cost for redesign) once the branding project is over. This is why it’s a good idea to begin with brand design if you anticipate a rebrand in the near future!

“Will I be able to continue working with your studio on design projects once my brand and website are complete?”

Yes! We offer ongoing design and development services exclusively to our list of previous clients. Once you’ve worked with us on a brand or web project, you can consider us your in-house design studio as your business grows and thrives!