An Enneagram Valentine

In all the world there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world there is no love for you like mine.
— Maya Angelou

Oh Valentine’s Day, the most polarizing of holidays. I think you have more luck combining Christmas and Hanukkah than to get a popular consensus on this one. And I may be of the unpopular camp that enjoys it, but today I want to share why and offer a new way of approaching the lonely love day of the year.

To me, Valentine’s Day is not the day of love, but of appreciation. There have certainly been years I’ve been with someone, been with the wrong someone, or been by myself - and each year was wonderful. A long time ago, I decided that this holiday would be a chance to appreciate and acknowledge all of the special people in my life - not just the special “someone.”

And this couldn’t be more true when it comes to business relationships. But instead of sending out your standard classroom card, I encourage you to personalize your notes of encouragement and affirmation this year to speak directly to the person who means so much to you, and let them know how they’ve impacted your life.

Our studio love note is going to every type on the Enneagram, and all the wonderful souls who identify with each one. You are all crucial to a thriving community and bring so many wonderful things to the table. Here is our love note to you -


Enneagram One

My Dear One,
Thank you for helping me. You make me a better person and I appreciate your consistency and dedication.

Our Ones fight for a better world, and remind us that we can be and do better. I am so thankful for the critical introspection of Ones - the way they question the system and motives in search for what it right. Ones remind me what it means to have integrity and deep purpose. They are self-disciplined and dedicated until the end. I can rely on my Ones to do what they say they will do and treat their commitments with the responsibility and care they deserve.

Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for your dedication and relentless pursuit. Our world would be mediocre without you.


Enneagram Two

My Dear Two,
I appreciate you so much. Thank you for always being present for me and making my life better.

Our Twos eagerly step in make life easier. They are the late night phone call and shoulder to cry on. A Two can make you feel like you’re not alone. They are the servant leaders and selfless friends, always opening the door when you need a little hospitality. They are generous and naturally caring. I know my Two friends are going to create a comfortable and safe space for me to be myself. Twos show us what love looks like in action.

Thank you for your unquestioning support, for stepping in when no one else will. Thank you for your empathy. The world would be so lonely without you.


Enneagram Three

My Dear Three,
I admire who you are. You’ve helped me become a better version of myself and inspired me to dream.

Our Threes show us the potential we have hidden inside us. They aren’t afraid of a challenge, and approach life with a can-do attitude. Threes want to see ideas succeed, and value the feeling of hard-work and group accomplishment. They aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. I know my Three friends are going to communicate that they respect me by showing up as their best selves, and search for our commonality. Threes help us become the best version of ourselves.

Thank you for your ambition and grit, for seeing opportunity in everything. You move our world forward to better things.


Enneagram Four

My Dear Four,
I’m deeply inspired by you. You fill my life with imagination and wonder. You show me how beautiful life can be.

Our Fours show us how to stand in awe of the world. They feel the entire spectrum of emotion, and are able to give life to the human condition. Fours see a little bit of extra magic than the rest of us. Their world is filled with fantasy and imagination - seeing what could be. I know my Four friends are not scared of my passion or self-expression, they celebrate the things that make me unique, even if I think they make me weird.

Thank you for your originality and creativity. Thank you for feeling everything so deeply and creating something beautiful from it. The world would be less beautiful without you.


Enneagram Five

My Dear Five,
I’m confident in you. Thank you for looking out for me and helping me solve difficult problems.

Our Fives help us navigate deep issues. They are great listeners and trustworthy confidants. Fives look for the hidden things, observing everything around them. They are intellectual and contemplative, and above all they demonstrate true neutrality. I love my Five friends for the way they approach the world with a magnifying glass, often absorbing details the rest of us miss in their search for truth. Fives exemplify wisdom and insight, cautiously putting their stamp on the world.

Thank you for your consideration and thoughtfulness. Thank you for raising the bar and thinking critically. The world would be shallow without you.


Enneagram Six

My Dear Six,
You make me feel safe. You are my biggest supporter and I feel confident taking risks with you by my side.

Our Sixes are the definition of loyalty. They are the glue of communities and protector of their own. Sixes make us feel understood and supported. They are able to make us laugh when things feel bleak, and always know exactly what we need to hear. I know my Six friends will be right by my side in the weeds and the wins. Having a Six in my life is the ultimate sounding board, and I know they’re always looking out for my best interest.

Thank you for getting in the trenches with us and never leaving. Thank you for helping us see blindspots and supporting us to be better. The world wouldn’t have community without you.


Enneagram Seven

My Dear Seven,
You make life more fun! Thank you for helping me see the silver lining and taking me along on your adventures.

Our Sevens are happiness in the flesh. They see endless possibility at every corner, and can turn even the most mundane into an adventure. Sevens are resilient and kind, pouring out their enthusiasm and excitement so we can share in their joy. My Seven friends pick me up when I’m down, and encourage me to pursue freedom in my life. They make me feel seen and wanted, as if I myself am an adventure. They are warm and hospitable, generous and charming.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and seeing the possibility in everything. Your encouragement and ideas keep us inspired and excited for the future. Without you, the world would be so boring.


Enneagram Eight

My Dear Eight,
I look up to you. I appreciate your wisdom and am so grateful for the ways you stick up for me.

Our Eights are courageous and stand up for what’s right. Eights are confident and convicted - the ones who are fearless and good. My Eight friends are the heroes in my life and have often been the only ones willing to tell me what I needed to hear, even if it wasn’t what I wanted. I can always trust an Eight friend to be honest with me, and know that they will have my back. Eights are leaders and champions for necessary change - they are strong and compassionate advocates for their beliefs and values.

Thank you for your protection and guidance. Thank you for believing in me and empowering me. Without you, the world would lack integrity.


Enneagram Nine

My Dear Nine,
I’m encouraged by you. Thank you for always listening to me and making me feel heard.

Our Nines make sure everyone has a voice. They are able to fully understand and empathize with every other point of view and life experience. Nines are diplomatic and always looking for the bridge that connects people together. They are calm and collected in a crisis, they are a warm and comforting presence in conflict. My Nine friends remind me that I have something to learn from everyone. They teach me what it looks like to graciously welcome strangers into my life.

Thank you for truly understanding me. Thank you for listening to me and helping me understand where others are coming from. Without you, the world would never experience peace.


is there someone you need to appreciate?

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