Month-in-Review: February

I’m still learning.

I can’t believe it’s already time for another month-in-review. Winter is in full swing here in Montana, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen this much snow in my life. But I’ve also learned how to keep a fire going, and cannot get over how stunning everything looks covered in a soft white blanket.

After the crazy travel month of January, I was eager to get to work in my home studio, but I wasn’t anticipating cabin fever to be such a real thing. Before I end up giving too much away, here are the highs and lows of February:

February in Review

Client Launches

We had the pleasure of working on some amazing projects this month. I’m excited to announce the following brand launches:

White Quill Creative - brand design

Gundog Journal - brand mark (will official showcase with issue 02!)

Marra Home - brand design, wholesale PDF, Squarespace website

Wiser + Sons - brand design, Squarespace website

Hosting Scottish Friends

You may remember that I got to go on the trip of a lifetime to Scotland last November. The Pace Brothers, frequent contributors of Modern Huntsman, hosted Tyler and I for Thanksgiving and a week of exploring the Scottish countryside. We got the chance to return the favor this month and show Byron and Darrell all that Montana has to offer - from snowy Yellowstone excursions to old western saloons and everything in between. It’s always fun to see the new place we call home through the eyes of someone visiting.

Brand Therapy Launch

At the beginning of this month, I officially launched Brand Therapy, my weekly email series that shows the behind-the-scenes of what it looks like to run a creative business. I know it’s only been a few weeks, but I can tell this is going to be a very rewarding outlet to have real conversations.

This month I shared about some big studio transitions and what it’s been like meeting new friends in Montana. While the journey isn’t always easy, I’m constantly reminded that I don’t have to do it alone.

The Mentor Sessions

After receiving several emails from new freelance designers, I decided to launch a new service called The Mentor Sessions. I realized that I am coming up on five years owning my own business, and it’s about time I pour into the next wave of successful freelancers. There are so many lessons I learned along the way that I would love to share with aspiring creative entrepreneurs.

To read about what my first year in business looked like, read the seven lessons I learned during my first year of business.

Better Blog Consistency

You may remember that January was a struggle as I tried to find my editorial flow. While this month hasn’t necessarily been easier, I have been consistent and it’s shown me that a lot of my resistance was mental. I am so thankful to have an outlet to explore creative topics and share what I’m learning. I can already tell I’m going to grow so much as a result of this blog!

My favorite post from this month was the Enneagram Valentine series. I had a lot of fun writing love notes to all the Enneagram numbers, and it sparked curiosity that I’ll explain more in my March goals.

Bozeman Collaborations

And FINALLY, I’ve started collaborating with creatives in Bozeman! It was actually during that Yellowstone excursion with the Pace Brothers that I started talking with my friend Joel about projects I was working on. Turns out he’s a developer in need of a designer.

We’ve already started on our first project for a local music venue, and there are some really exciting things in the works that I can’t wait to share when they become a little more concrete. It feels good to start working on local projects and feel a bit more plugged in. It makes Montana seem more like home.

February Challenges

Goodbye Victoria

Those of you in my Brand Therapy tribe already know this, but earlier this month Victoria transitioned to a new job at Neighborhood Goods. I am BEYOND thankful for the role she’s had with Drop Cap over the past year, and the amazing friendship that’s developed along the way. It certainly wasn’t easy saying goodbye, and I know many of you will miss having her along on projects. If you want to stay in touch and follow along on her new adventures, be sure to give her a follow on Instagram!

Brand Re-evaluation

With Victoria’s transition, I realized I was going to need to go through the hiring process again. I took it as an opportunity to realign with my brand values and the direction I want to go in this year. It’s been a great month of deep reflection, and I’ll probably let my ideas breath for a month before bringing on some new team members in April, but for those of you who’ve experienced an unexpected pivot, you know that it can put you in a weird head space!

Cabin Fever

And getting snowed in hasn’t exactly helped that weird head space. Again, I love the beautiful snowy landscapes, the horses with white dusting on their backs, the amazing golden hour lighting, the cozy fires, and the list goes on and on. BUT, winter does bring a certain feeling of isolation that I have not experienced before. Add working from home and my first year in a new place, and it has been a bit lonely these past few weeks. I realized how much it was getting to me a few days ago and am looking forward to being back in Dallas next week with old friends to cheer me up!

March Goals

New Team Members

In March, I plan to prepare for my new Drop Cap team members. This means getting into the weeds of my workflow and making lists for how things should be done. A few years ago I read a book called The E-Myth that talked about roles within a company and how to delegate. I plan to write a post about it in the next few weeks, but it’s extremely helpful in learning how to onboard and delegate as your team grows.

Begin EFE Updates

Getting to do the Enneagram Valentine post, paired with all of my current transitions, made me want to get back into my Enneagram research. I have a stack of new books I can’t wait to dive into, some lessons I’ve learned over the past year, and plans to get my coaching certification later this spring!

Be on the lookout for some Enneagram updates and an exciting announcement later this summer!


And finally, I am taking a break from the winter blues! This time next week I’ll be in Austin for a SXSW weekend with Sol Society full of music, friends, and Texas springtime. Later in the month, I’ll go on a family vacation with the Sharps to Disney World to relieve all of our stress before jumping into Volume 3 of Modern Huntsman.

And there you have it! How was your month of February?

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