Month-in-Review: March

The beautiful spring came, and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.
— Harriet Ann Jacobs

The snow is starting to melt, and it’s looking a bit more like spring here in Montana. I love spring for the sole reason that it’s one step closer to summer, and with that comes the feeling of growth and renewal. As soon as things begin to thaw, I’m quick to jump back into my summer clothes and go in search of water.

This month was a wild ride, and I think it showed in my content-creation. I didn’t hit all of the goals I had for myself this month, and while I was a bit disappointed in my lack of momentum, I’ve learned to give myself some grace for getting through my first northern winter, and plan to hit the ground running in April.

March in Review

Client Launches

We had the pleasure of working on some great projects this month, and I’m excited to announce the following brand launches:

Floral Compass - brand design (Meg killed it with the Squarespace website!!)

Copy Uncorked - brand design (website refresh coming soon, and I’ll link once it launches!)

Our Healers - brand design (website coming soon, and I’ll link once it launches!)

SXSW with Sol Society

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending Sol Society’s SXSW launch! Taylor has become such a close friend over this past year as she’s built Sol Society, and it was an amazing moment to see so many familiar faces sitting around the dinner table celebrating the birth of such an amazing idea. I’m looking forward to going on many more Sol trips this year!

Teak & Twine partnership

For a long time, I’ve wanted to find a creative solution to client gifts. I’ve never liked unnecessary clutter, but feel that the investment that goes into a branding project deserves more than a thank-you note. I was able to partner with Torrance at Teak & Twine to work on a gift box that’s going to be an incredible gift for our clients moving forward. She puts so much thought into every detail of her products, which resonates with my own values and how I try to run the studio. It definitely wasn’t hard to “test run” her relaxing spa gift set :)

Florida Vacation

Every year, Tyler and I sneak off for a Florida getaway to go to his favorite place in the world - Disney. I didn’t grow up going to the parks, but I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and enjoyed a few days of carefree living. There’s something about zipping around on a roller coaster that really eases stress and tension.

Mentor Sessions

I was honored to have six mentoring sessions in this first month it’s launched, and it has been more rewarding than I ever could have imagined. I have a deep love for personal development, entrepreneurship, and creativity - all of which I get to use when problem-solving. I can’t wait to see how this series develops in April, and I still have spots open if you want to get on the calendar!

View the Mentor Sessions

March Challenges


This was another difficult month for blogging (as you may have seen from the one post I was able to complete!) I still haven’t found a good workflow for the months that are travel-heavy, and I put a lot of pressure to make each blog post really worth the read (which means no last-hour phone ins, but also a few missed deadlines!) Travel months are still pretty hectic as I try to keep all of my tasks and commitments on schedule. When this happens, content creation tends to go on the back burner, as I sit down to a clicking cursor on my screen and feel zapped of all creative energy.

I’ve tried batching in the past, but tend to change my mind about topics too frequently. I don’t know why batching has always been so difficult for me, but I’d love any advice you have for staying on top of an aggressive editorial schedule in the comments below!


This week, I welcome a few new faces to the Drop Cap team. You may remember from February’s review that Victoria was offered an amazing job opportunity and left the studio to pursue it. We welcome our newest project manager, Anna Brown, to the team this week! I’ve been busy at work trying to get the studio ready to transition, which also means that I’ve switched over to a few new apps that I’ll be outlining this month.

A huge reason for the app switch is because we’ve welcome another team member, Joel Martin, who’s going to be leading our web projects. Joel is the co-founder of a really cool app called Sellout, is a UX expert, amazing designer, and Webflow genius. Through his experience building Sellout, he’s assembled a team of designers and developers that could rival any web agency. I’ve always struggled to find a web team and process to match the experience of our branding service, and I think we’ve finally gotten there. Joel and I have worked extra hours over the past few weeks to lock down a streamlined process to take the headache out of building a website, and offer some additional customization that I wasn’t able to provide in the past. We’ve already gotten started on our first few projects and I am SO EXCITED to share them with you!

Want to get on our calendar for this spring? Fill out our inquiry form!

Winter Blues

Last month I talked about cabin fever, but the cloud of sadness has followed me into March, even with travel on the calendar. I grew up in the South surrounded by sunshine and humidity, and while I wake up every morning grateful for the majestic mountains and crisp winter air, I was not ready for what I now realize was some seasonal depression. For any of you who have moved to an entirely new place, you know that it comes with a transition period when you don’t quite feel rooted to your new location. Your friendships, coffee shop, and grocery stores all feel so new. I definitely experienced growing pains when I first moved to Texas, but being in Montana I’ve felt a little more isolated than I thought I would. It’s forced me to get out of my comfort zone and reach out to new friends when I need that dose of community. I definitely took proximity to friends for granted in Dallas, but I do think I’ve grown as a person by putting myself out there these past few months.

April Goals

Welcome New Team Members

As I mentioned earlier, this week I officially get to welcome a few new faces to the team.

Anna Brown will be our new project manager, and I couldn’t be more excited to have her discerning eye following along on our client projects. Anna’s background is in communications, business administration, and advertising, which is going to be a huge asset for our clients as she continues to develop and maintain the Drop Cap experience.

Joel Martin will be leading most of our web projects. He is a patient and experience UX designer, and will be taking our web services to the next level. I’ll be outlining our new web services in a blog post this week, so stay tuned for those updates!

Kaitlyn Parker will be coming on board to help with copywriting as I focus on content creation. Kaitlyn is the owner of Copy Uncorked, a Drop Cap brand, and I absolutely loved her communication style as we worked together. I wanted her creative input and thoughtful writing present in our content, and I knew she would be just the bit of accountability I needed to focus on this area of the business.

Book New Projects

I put a halt on almost all new inquiries since February as I prepared to transition the studio. I’m excited that we have fresh presentations, processes, and team members to add so much value to our brand and web services. My goal this month is to show you what’s changed, and book a fresh new batch of Drop Cap brands for the spring and summer season.

Speaking at Fierce Lab

Later this month, I’ll be speaking about the Enneagram at Fierce Lab in Dallas. Tara Wilson, the founder of the conference, was one of my first mentors as I began my freelance journey. She has a huge heart for women starting in their careers and wanting to invest in their personal and professional growth. She is also an event planner and experience designer, so this is sure to be a fun weekend full of amazing conversation.

If you plan to be in the Dallas area on April 27, grab a ticket to the Fierce Lab!

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