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July 2, 2019


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“A great vision is like a national anthem, it has the power to pull together, emotionally connect and inspire great things.”

I’ve recently started updated the Drop Cap website to include our recent work and some branding case studies (coming soon!) As I was reflecting back on these projects and remembering the experience, I decided I wanted to write a series to explain why these particular projects were so successful.

It turns out that there are four main ingredients that our clients have figured out BEFORE the branding process begins that have made these projects so mutually rewarding. Those ingredients are:

  • Vision

  • Audience

  • Product

  • Experience

Over the next four weeks, I’ll expand on these ingredients in more detail, helping you to determine whether you’re ready to go through the branding process! Even if you’re a few steps away, it’s always a good idea to revisit these four factors and see if you business or brand has changed.

case studies

For today’s post, I’ll be highlighting my project with Kaitlyn of Copy Uncorked and Pamela of Collective Confidence as an example of powerful brand vision.


When setting the vision for your business, remember that it will serve to lay a foundation. And all good foundations are strong and simple – easy to remember and communicate with others. If you can’t clearly articulate what you see the future looking like, it’s going to be hard to get others to see it too.

Your vision needs to be something that you love and are passionate about, but also something that you audience will feel passionate about too. It’s going to take some trial and error, even occasionally a few years to tap into, but once you land on a clear vision for your business, all the other aspects will naturally fall into place.

Copy Uncorked

Kaitlyn’s vision is to develop refined, strategic, and persuasive copy for small businesses that has the depth and flair of a sophisticated French wine.

Collective Confidence

Pamela’s vision is to build a community for women that sparks contagious confidence and creates a ripple effect in leadership within organizations.

Drop Cap Design

Our vision is to inspire creative entrepreneurs to own their story and identify the unique style and tone that will allow them to align with their business on a deeper level.


Your why is your secret sauce. It’s the difference you want to make and your unique way of doing it. It has a deeply rooted emotional motivation and is the reason you keep fighting to see that vision come to fruition. When your why is clearly defined, you’ll be able to cultivate the endurance and commitment to stay the course and manifest amazing results.

Copy Uncorked

Kaitlyn’s why is connection. She is the bridge between solid copy and well-considered design. She has refined taste and a powerful way with words that connects brands with their ideal market.

Collective Confidence

Pamela’s why is confidence (obviously!) After years chasing the corporate ladder, she’s seen how lonely the old way of fighting to the top can be, which is why she’s changing the narrative and bringing a new generation of women along with her.

Drop Cap Design

Our why is alignment. My favorite part of branding is the storytelling, and my favorite moment during the process is when our clients see themselves and their story in the design.


Your intentions are purposeful areas of focus. This is how you live out your vision through your why. Think about tangible ways that your vision can begin to grow. Pick only 3-4 to focus on at a time, to give them the space and attention to truly thrive.

Copy Uncorked

Kaitlyn had a few reasons and goals for going through a rebrand: her name and initials had changed once she married her husband, she wanted her clients to not perceive her copywriting style as cute and clever, and she wanted to share more of her lifestyle and perspective through the brand (including her love of travel and fine wine!)

Collective Confidence

Pamela was starting a new company and brand from scratch. With the design, she wanted the style to be confident and unapologetically feminine, feel inclusive, and promote her mission to build community – which definitely influenced the magnet monogram concept.

Drop Cap Design

Our intention as we’ve built the brand is to live out the concept of the drop cap – a typographic term which shows my background as a student of design and publication – with the idea that our branding clients are like a drop cap, both part of a paragraph (or industry) as well as being independent of it and standing out.

Your Turn

Ready to dive in and craft your own brand vision? It can feel a bit intimidating (and abstract!) to develop a purpose, why, and intention for branding – but it doesn’t have to be complicated! Here are a few questions to ask yourself when getting started:

  1. When thinking about your purpose, ask yourself why you started your business in the first place. What need did you see in your own life and for others? What do you envision your business looking like in five years? How do you want your experience to be different from everything else that’s on the market?

  2. When thinking about your why, ask yourself what you value most. Make a list of 5-7 core values that resonate with you and spend some time writing about how each one of those values translates to your own life and decision making process. See if you can narrow it down to one simple theme that continues to come up in your writing and brainstorming. This is most likely your influential why!

  3. When thinking about your intentions, ask yourself why you’re going through the branding process. Is there anything about your current brand that is not clear or out of alignment with your vision? Is there a new story or clearer story that needs to be told through your messaging? What would take your business and brand to the next step?

  4. If you’re really struggling to answer these questions for yourself and your business, consider setting up a Mentor Session to find more clarity and test out a few ideas to see which one holds true for you.

As you work through these pillars of clarity over the next month, take advantage of our free Brand Scratch Pad that will ask further prompting questions to help you establish your brand message.


Kadie Smith

  1. Yohanna Law says:

    I love this so much! Your words are definitely making me rethink my brand vision. I’m dedicating some time to refine it for sure.

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