Brand Design

Your brand should be a reflection of you - your values, style, and passion. People want to buy from other people, and effective branding can help the right customers and clients resonate with your story and become loyal fans of your work.

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Deep-Dive Discovery

Our process starts with a deep-dive questionnaire to uncover the heart and soul of your business. We’ll identify your brand values, visual style, and target audience, which will serve as a foundation for your brand design and visual voice.

Logo Concepts

Following the discovery, we will design three original and distinct logo concepts. Each concept will be a perfect marriage of your personal style packaged in a way to appeal to your target audience. We’ll jump on a call to discuss each concept and choose the best one to move forward.


Brand Style Guide

Once a logo concept has been selected, we will create all other design assets to support your main logo - including monograms, secondary layouts, colors, brand fonts, and any supporting graphics to help you create a cohesive brand look and feel across all platforms.

Business Cards

We want to test the strength of your brand, so we’ll start with creating the foundation of marketing materials - your business card. This is our chance to work with the design assets and make sure that your brand design will meet the needs of your business.


Rounds of Refinement

You’ll have the opportunity to go through two rounds of revisions to your brand style guide and business card. During these rounds, our goal is to refine each design element to make sure the final brand style encapsulates the heart and soul of the business behind it.

Prepare to Launch

And finally, we’ll prepare to launch. You’ll receive a PDF Launch Roadmap that will help you create a launch strategy and share your new look with an existing or new audience! You’ll also receive social media graphics to showcase your new look.

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