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The Project Scope

I first started working with Kelsey and Talon back in 2018 to help them with the rebrand and design of their photography studio Feather & Twine. Kelsey and Talon are a husband and wife team who each have such different personalities that add a lot of depth to the wedding experience. Kelsey is passionate, creative, high energy and magical. Talon brings a quiet intellect, an observant imagination, and a careful mastering of his craft. He is the architectural straight lines to her whimsical doodles, but together it really works.

Kelsey & Talon started Feather & Twine because they wanted a job that they could do together, and had already started shooting quite a few weddings. They knew they wanted a brand  that wasn’t just their names to shoot under (a brand name does lend a bit of personal privacy), so after a bit of brainstorming, Feather & Twine came to be! It felt timeless and authentic, encompassing both of their unique natures, as well as fitting in well within the wedding industry. And with a new name and a vision for the future, it was time for a brand to emerge.

Feather & Twine

LOGO Suite

The Challenge


      ike many of the clients who come to the agency for a rebrand, Kelsey & Talon felt like they didn’t have a solid “identity” that could support the brand they were building for their business. It felt like “just a logo, some writing, a few images, and all disconnected from each other.” Kelsey felt like clients weren’t compelled to visit the website, and if they did they weren’t getting a good sense of who they are and what they represented. 

There were discussions about whether or not they needed to change the name, if the target client needed to change, and ultimately we decided that there was an opportunity to keep the parts of the business that were working—the foundation—and create a new visual aesthetic that would carry the brand into a new era.

Both Kelsey and Talon are highly creative, analytical, and passionate about telling the right story to the correct audience. We wanted to create something that was completely different from everything else in the space, that would appeal to the brides that were tired of seeing the same styles over and over again. We went deep into the artistic inspirations of Kelsey & Talon to find a unique voice and style that felt true and authentic to them.

Art Direction


With this brand, we wanted to differentiate from the incredibly saturated wedding photography industry. Kelsey and Talon have a really distinct style and we wanted to highlight the hand-crafted, magical elements of what they do and showcase their personalities. We leaned heavily into custom illustration and details that would allow Feather & Twine to stand out and really shine on its own.

We also wanted to speak to the imaginative bride who is dreamy, creative, and playful. We wanted the experience to feel magical and ethereal; a collaborative and exciting experience between the photographer and the muse. This bride has a childlike wonder and would love the custom, illustrative journey we took them on from beginning to end. 

As we designed concepts for the brand, we continued to communicate the idea of soulmates - love written in the stars. Constellations, astrology, and star symbolism are found throughout the logo palette and brand illustrations. This visual direction would directly appeal to the natural, bohemian bride. We further explored this idea with a constellation bouquet that felt imaginative yet somehow familiar. And the end result was a beautiful combination that feels so naturally "them."


The Identity

For the Wild Romantics & Non-traditional Dreamers

This new brand evolution amps up the romance with a softer palette, more personality in the typography, and a handlettered font for writing love notes to their brides. We created an identity that feels as timeless as film and as wistful as an afternoon by the sea. We kept the main format of their logo, but added in a slightly more elegant, feminine style that fits with the brand's evolution. The subtle details and soft serifs feel graceful, but still has that minimal elegance we liked from the brand styling before.

The resulting identity was strong and minimal, but the little hint of the ampersand in the middle of the monogram is part of the organic nature of the brand and alludes to a twig or twine of a branch. This keeps their branding typographic with enough of a visual cue that we continued to play off of in the brand illustrations.

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LAUNCHED 2018 / @featherandtwine


Everything you've designed for our brand is just so good, it's hard to choose between concepts most of the time! Thank you so much for all of the hard work you've done for our business. Everything is just so much better than I could have imagined!! The feedback that we've gotten from our close friends and the past clients who fit our ideal archetype are so positive and they are obsessed with the new direction for our identity. I just can't stop couldn't stop raving about how awesome you guys are!

Kelsey Sjostrom, Feather & Twine

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