Fonts for Spring


April 16, 2019


““Dear Winter, I’m breaking up with you. It’s time I start seeing other seasons. Like Spring. He gives me flowers.”

— Pinterest

I am a huge fan of Creative Market, and how it has made design accessible for creative entrepreneurs of all different backgrounds. I have always felt that design should be an inclusive community, where ideas, resources, and trends can be shared and built upon. It’s my belief that everyone should have access to good design and feel comfortable working with graphic components to build a stronger business.

My tendency when designing is to start with a greta font. I lean pretty heavily on some of the classics in my own design practice, but love going to Creative Market for new and fun ideas for working with typography.

Updating your font or color palette is a great way to freshen up your brand for a new season. I wanted to share five finds from Creative Market to get your creative wheels turning. Just know that most of these fonts are display fonts – meaning they’ll work better for headlines or large type, so consider pairing them with a classic body copy font for the best results!


Who doesn’t dream of Italy as soon as the weather starts to get warmer? I have been so inspired by vintage photography of the Mediterranean coastline, and am always looking for ways to bring it into my design. This due perfectly pairs style and timeless class – just like the Italian lifestyle.

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As I begin designing Volume 03 of Modern Huntsman, I always refer back to some of my favorite publications for layout inspiration, including Kinfolk. And while this font was not designed by the publication powerhouse, I do love the nod to the magazine, and the slight customizations. Kinfolk was such a trendsetter in minimalism, and I like how this font pairs that same minimalist tendency with some subtle ornamentation, making for an elegant end result.

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California Dreamer

As the temperatures rise, I find myself pursuing creative hobbies when I’m not at work. One of those is my long-time love of journaling and collaging. This font is very tactile and handwritten, giving a personal touch to the words. I think this would be a beautiful font to use for quotes or mood boards, to give a sense of dreaming and imagination.

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Gatsby Modern Serif

I always love a quirky serif, and this one does not disappoint. With sloping angles and irregular ovals, this font feels energetic and magnetic. I love the way it’s paired with the irregular line work and color blocking on this graphic, and think it would be a great font to use for invitations or a new product announcement!

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The other day I was flipping through my Louis Fili design books, pouring over her Parisian and Italian signage inspiration. I have a deep love for Art Deco typography, and think spring is the perfect season to add playful party type to ads. This font feels both modern and nostalgic and would be a beautiful and clean way to spice up a website or newsletter this spring.

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