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Introducing the TONIC Template Catalog


June 3, 2021

When running a business, at some point along the way you start to see or even just feel a shift coming on. As an entrepreneur, you have to get familiar with stepping outside your comfort zone as well as knowing that anything could happen. Possibility and opportunity become your close friends, along with fear and doubt… This happens to be a story of possibility and opportunity. 

This year, Drop Cap Design became an official partner of TONIC Site Shop, and you can now browse the entire spirit-inspired collection in our TONIC Template Catalog.

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How This Partnership Came To Be

I’ve been following Jen Olmstead and Jeff Shipley ever since day one of starting my business. I was actually first connected with Jeff through my friend Jordan (who was a wedding photographer living in Seattle) when he was looking for an illustrator. I’ve always loved both Jen and Jeff as designers and have been so inspired by TONIC, but I was strictly a Squarespace girl because any other type of website builder intimidated the heck out of me. 

It was while I was working on Kaitlyn Parker’s brand, Copy Uncorked, that TONIC kept coming up. She couldn’t stop raving about her Showit template purchased through them. I signed up for a free trial of Showit and actually HATED it. I messed around for awhile, got overwhelmed, and went right back to my comfort zone, Squarespace.

It wasn’t until last year that I decided to jump back into the idea of designing with Showit. I had set a goal to do a major overhaul of the Drop Cap site and I actually ended up falling in love with a Showit template from Saffron Avenue. I saw the possibility for an editorial-styled website… the one I had always dreamed of having. I might’ve been a Squarespace girl, but Drop Cap Design was positioned to become a Showit showcase whether I wanted to learn or not. 

I decided I wanted to stop hanging out with fear and doubt and instead level up knowing there was more possibility and an opportunity to share my experience on the other side.


Becoming A ShowIt Template Partner

Even as a designer, all of the options of a website can be paralyzing.

Working with a Showit website template, I saw how much of a game changer it was to have a starting point. I knew that this was a platform my clients were increasingly becoming interested in because of the design flexibility and integration with WordPress for blogging, so I got myself over the learning curve and Drop Cap has been a Showit showcase ever since

I wanted to start implementing what I had learned for our clients but I knew that I would just get overwhelmed with a blank canvas, as I had already done for so long with my own site.  

So, I reached out to Jen to partner with Tonic and started working on my first few sites. Needless to say, I am obsessed with how well they are organized, the different content cues, the incredible customer support, and overall, just the ease of setting up sites with their templates. 

How’s that for kicking fear and doubt to the curb?


A Look Into the Full Catalog: The TONIC ShowIt Templates Now Offered through Drop Cap Design

There are a total of 12 stunning templates available now in this catalog. Below, we’re diving a little deeper into each one. Whether or not you need a designer to customize your template or not, you can still purchase your own TONIC template through our catalog and customize it yourself!


Paper Plane Cocktail Illustration

Paper Plane

why we love it:

This is the newest template and has some amazing features for content creators. With pages for courses, a podcast, and coaching services, it’s incredibly robust yet not overwhelming. It makes a lot of information still look sexy. 

The overall style and layout is very calm and minimal, making the content easy to digest even though there’s a good bit of it. The beautiful features and different ways of using type makes this site feel to a viewer like they are being led through a journey. 

It was built in mind for coaches, podcasters, and brands, but I also see this being an amazing site for a blogger or media company that plans to pump out content and programs frequently. The style is refined, grown up, and very confident.

Demo this template >> https://paperplane.tonicsiteshop.com/


Margarita Cocktail Illustration


why we love it:

This template, (surprise, surprise 🍹) has a lot of personality and kinda packs a punch. What’s cool about this template design is all the different navigation options. It’s like the nesting doll of websites, and the great thing about that is the viewer is never feeling like they’re at a dead end — there’s always more to see and explore. 

I see this template working really well for personal brands but also any kind of clothing or kids brand. It doesn’t require a super splashy logo, so if a brand has steller brand photography, this template is going to play into that really well. It’s also a very feature-rich site, so if you like having a lot of interaction and impressing your viewer with cool tricks, this template is the one to do it with.

Demo this template >>https://margarita.tonicsiteshop.com/


Clover Club Cocktail Illustration

Clover Club

why we love it:

The design of this template is just so effortlessly elegant. It’s fine art in all the right places and feels so beautifully understated. The transitions on each page are really graceful, and the blog has a smart, intellectual feel to it. It’s organized in a way that gives space to every component and somehow nothing feels like it’s competing. 

This template was clearly made for anyone in the wedding industry, but I also see it being a really great option for copywriters or anyone who wants to give their words an ultimate (shine) spot in the sunlight.

Demo this template >> https://cloverclub.tonicsiteshop.com/


Gin & Tonic Cocktail Illustration

Gin & Tonic

why we love it:

I mean, this template is just stunning. It plays into the minimal trend without feeling empty, and all the design cues are almost architectural in nature. The design feels simple, but there’s a lot of timelessness in that simplicity. If you’re looking for something that’ll stand the test of time, this could be it. After all, you don’t really have to worry about trends when you go with a classic look… 

This template would be incredible for interior designers, as well as an e-commerce or jewelry site, or even an online magazine. There’s not much more I can say about how high quality of a site design this is.

Demo this template >> https://ginandtonic.tonicsiteshop.com/


Cosmopolitan Cocktail Illustration


why we love it:

This template feels feminine yet still keeps its big-city grit, and I love all of the “cool girl” details in the design. From typewriter-inspired CTA buttons to content details that have a lot of personality without trying too hard, this template is pretty fabulous if you ask me. 

It’s made for bloggers or anyone who had dreams of working for a major magazine, but it would also be great for brand or web designers, photographers, or travel writers. It still holds a strong editorial feeling that is enticing without giving too much away. The imagery is definitely playing a starring role so there is room for interpretation here!

Demo this template >> https://cosmopolitan.tonicsiteshop.com/


Limoncello Cocktail Illustration


why we love it:

For all agencies or brands looking to pack a professional punch but still get style points, this is the template for you. With a splashy welcome banner and clear cues, this is the site for those looking to make a strong conversion but not beat someone over the head with clunky CTAs. 

The design is clean but warm; organized but playful. With some color and font tweaks, you’ll easily be able to make it your own and provide your audience with a simple, beautiful, and professional design that doesn’t feel too clever or overwhelming.

Demo this template >> https://limoncello.tonicsiteshop.com/


Vieux Carre Cocktail Illustration

Vieux Carre

why we love it:

If you didn’t know what this cocktail was, don’t worry (because neither did I). The template design though, honestly follows a similar story — it’s french-inspired and intriguing. It has that little element of exclusivity that most brands crave. 

It’s built like a streetside cafe and is just as warm as inviting. While the template has a feminine sensibility, I see it working really well for restaurants and food writers, online boutiques, and also programs or masterminds that want to have an academy feel to them. If your brand boasts a custom typeface or an emphasis on cool fonts, it’s worth looking into this design.

Demo this template >> https://vieuxcarre.tonicsiteshop.com/


Martini Cocktail Illustration


why we love it:

Just like the cocktail, this template is a good idea any number of ways. It’s strong and confident; impressive and simple. It has a sleek and tailored design that’s going to give you a lot of flexibility and has some really elegant editorial features. 

This is going to be a great template for a website that has a lot of different key features and offerings because it can accommodate a variety of content types really well — from programs and courses to blog posts and coaching calls. I see this being a great template for a wedding planner, airbnb or hospitality site, or even a filmmaker.

Demo this template >> https://martini.tonicsiteshop.com/


Amaretto Sour Cocktail Illustration

Amaretto Sour

why we love it:

This template at first glance has an almost cinematic feel to it — romantic, high drama, and elegant. This design really utilizes a lot of different typefaces well, so if your brand has a great font palette with both serif and san serif fonts, you might want to look into this one. 

It does have a fashion-forward editorial vibe to it, so if you’re looking for a site that feels edgy and on-trend, you might consider starting with this one as your foundation. I see this serving for a number of different small business brands.

Demo this template >> https://amarettosour.tonicsiteshop.com/


Rose Royale Cocktail Illustration

Rose Royale

why we love it:

Very approachable and very sweet. This template has a light and feathery feel to it that almost takes the design right off the screen. If you want your site to have a minimal and delicate approach, this is absolutely the right site for you. 

Perfect for photographers, illustrators and artists, or even health and wellness sites — the design of the template takes a back seat so you can take a deep breath and browse through the pages at your own pace.

Demo this template >> https://roseroyale.tonicsiteshop.com/


Lillet Blanc Cocktail Illustration

Lillet Blanc

why we love it:

This is the bohemian, free-spirited template design of your dreams. Reminiscent of days on the beach, this site design would be perfect for a yoga instructor or wellness blog. 

It’s “cool-girl” style also caters to the lifestyle and boho fashion, so there’s a large window of ways that the template could be a really amazing fit as-is. For those looking to make a splash without all the bells and whistles, this is definitely the template for you.

Demo this template >> https://lillet-blanc.tonicsiteshop.com/


Vodka Soda Cocktail Illustration

Vodka Soda

why we love it:

There’s nothing basic about this template. It’s straightforward, perfectly clear, bold, and beautiful. Perfect for agencies and coaches, this template is going to inspire confidence, create a really clear path for the viewer, and lead to higher conversion rates. 

The best part of this template is how confident it feels and the way the philosophy of your company can be baked into the content on every page.

Demo this template >> https://vodka-soda.tonicsiteshop.com/


Don’t Consider DCD Web Developers, We’re Brand Designers 

It’s no secret that I’m a branding enthusiast. Our tagline says it best:

Web design has always been this awkward dark cloud at the end of the project where I fell out of love and ended up sending out to other designers. I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, but web has just always overwhelmed me. 

… BUT getting to work with Tonic templates puts me back in the position of thinking and acting like a designer instead of a web developer.

I can work with custom fonts, play around with layouts, break the grid, add in interesting video and illustration components, play with transitions, and basically build the sites I always dreamed of. I’m not developing websites anymore, I’m back to designing them — and I’m so excited to see what this new element brings to our clients. The bar has been raised and I’m excited to finally feel like I can take brands into their dream internet journey all while having fun at the same time.

I’ll still be working with other designers, copywriters, and photographers for web builds (and we’ll still be offering Squarespace web services) but with the inclusion of customized TONIC sites, there’s just so much more flexibility and room for possibility.  

I can’t wait to see all the possibilities that DCD gets to be a part of now with the help of the Tonic Template Catalog. We are now booking for Fall 2021, just in time for the holiday or a New Year’s launch! 🍾 To learn more about the TONIC templates and what it looks like to work together, click here!

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