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Running a business requires you to wear a lot of hats. I've tried and tested many tools over the years as my business has grown. And these resources were invaluable to helping me scale my services, take control over my work week, and keep my sanity.

none of these are affiliate links, just my personal preferences


productivity tools

17hats  |  $299/yr

I love using 17hats for keeping track of client contact information, contracts & documents, and sending invoices. I used to use it for project management before I discovered Asana, but I still use it every day in my business to handle all the admin tasks!

asana  |  free!

This is my go-to for interacting with clients, scheduling tasks, creating content, and working with my team! It's seriously like having 10 extra hands on deck. I use this program for so many different things in my business,  it's a game changer!

Google Drive  |  free for 15G

I used to be a die-hard Dropbox fan, until I realized that a lot of my files would go missing when clients dragged them to their computers. So, enter Google Drive. I use it for business planning, client homework, and sharing large files. Plus I can access it from my desktop!

Calendly  |  $8/mo

This app has been a life saver for my schedule! I send out a link to clients (or potential clients) to choose a time on my calendar that is available to set up a meeting. It's saved me from all of the back-and-forth emails and allowed me to create boundaries in my workday.

marketing tools

convertkit  |  $29-79/mo

I'm a very late adopter when it comes to ConvertKit, but what truly sold me on it over MailChimp is that I have the ability to really get to know the people who let me into their inbox. It's helped me to create really great emails that they actually want to read! The link above gives you your first month free.

Squarespace  |  $12-40/mo

Since day one of my business, I have been living on the Squarespace web platform and have never once even thought to go anywhere else. It's easy to use, beautiful, and has all of the features that have allowed my business to grow and thrive.

planoly  |  $7/mo

I've always heard that consistency is the key to building online engagement, but I use to hate interrupting my creative process to create a post in the middle of the day. Enter Planoly - now I can plan ahead, preview my content, and make sure I'm showing up every day.

meet edgar  |  $49/mo

I'm really just getting started on this platform as a way to plan and schedule content. Basically I decided I didn't want to create original content every week and then just have it buried in the archives. MeetEdgar pulls from old content (like blog posts and pins) to show a new crowd.

studio tunes

marketing made easy

find it on iTunes

I have been listening to Amy Porterfield's podcast for about 2 years now and really enjoy her no-BS, simplified approach to marketing and business organization. I've used a lot of her tips to streamline my own process and always feel encouraged by her 'can-do' attitude.

goal digger podcast

find it on iTunes

Jenna Kutcher's podcast is charming and honest, a very real glimpse into the lives of creative entrepreneurs, no matter where they are on the journey. I love to hear her interviews with many of the women I have encountered during my own journey and hear even more of their story.

Dear Sugar

find it on iTunes

Ok, this one isn't business related. But I love Dear Sugar's advice column and hearing her voice on a podcast is even better. She gives warm, loving advice for tricky situations ranging from creative blocks to our relationship to ambition.

build your tribe

find it on iTunes

Chalene Johnson is the fitness celebrity who invented PiYo and brings her high-energy and quick wit to her podcast all about business. I think Chalene's personality is so entertaining and a lot of her thoughts on social media have really made me change my perspective.

on the bookshelf

in progress by jessica hische

buy it on Amazon  |  $20

Jessica Hische has been a long-time design idol of mine every since her internship with Louise Fili and the world began to experience her incredible lettering and witty side projects. Her book gives us a glimpse into her process and inspires me daily to refine my lettering skills.

bird by bird by anne lamott

buy it on Amazon  |  $10

This year, I've taken an interest in improving my writing, and this book inspired me more than any other as I began to find my voice and style with writing. Anne explores the creative writing process and let's us know that there is not romantic Hemingway-esque writing process.

creative anarchy

buy it on Amazon  |  $25

I love how this book breaks the fundamentals of design into two parts. First, it teaches you all of the core "rules" of design and how to correctly approach a design project. Then, halfway through the book, it tells you how to break each one of those rules effectively.

just my type

buy it on Amazon  |  $12

For any of you who are also type aficionados like me, this book is both witty and insightful, and easy read into the world and history of typography. You'll learn why we've associated certain emotions with typefaces and how they interact with our culture.

online courses

courses that convert  |  $997

I gotta say, I was not a believer in online courses until this past year. But when I (briefly) created an online course of my own, I took Amy Porterfield's Courses That Convert and really enjoyed her structure and insights into tackling the world of online education.

copywriting mastermind  |  coming soon

Ashlyn Carter is a wordsmith genius and copywriting expert who has brought life and excitement into our copy this year. Not only does her course go through the step-by-step process of writing a website, but also helps you to identify the tone of your brand's copy.

share-worthy design  |  coming soon

I have not personally taken this course, but last year Jamie sent me the Share-worthy Design Book and I have underlined, highlighted, and written notes all over the margins. This course is a truly transparent look into the world of freelance design and a must for anyone considering it.

square design guild  |  $79/mth

Let me tell you about Meg Summerfield. This girl is an absolute pro when it comes to Squarespace and building incredibly powerful websites. I have learned more than I thought the platform was capable of as a member of the Square Design Guild and the Slack community is one engaged in every day.