Trend Spotlight: Mythology & Astrology

In case you’re just tuning in, I’ve started an annual blog series on brand design trends. Over the past four years, we’ve designed over 150 small business brands, and have discovered some repeating patterns along the way. About a year ago, I had the idea that I wanted to start some sort of annual publication to track popular design styles and talk a bit about them. This blog series is the result of that idea!

I realize a series like this could certainly be taken the wrong way, so if you’re just tuning in, you should check out our first post and read about our intention for this annual series, and also take a look at our first trend.

Today’s trend is an interesting off-shoot from the wave of personality enthusiasm going around lately. More and more frequently, we’re finding mythological symbolism and astrological details in our client’s visual inspiration. We feel that this comes from a desire to better understand ourselves and our role in a growing and changing digital environment.

Whether you’re a die hard horoscope enthusiast, or a fan of other popular personality typing systems (like the Enneagram!), using symbolism can add deeper meaning and depth to your personal brand and help your audience relate to you on a personal level.

So today we’ll be doing a mild mimic of our Enneagram series and go through each star sign and how they might approach entrepreneurship. I hope you enjoy this entertaining and unique take on personal branding!

Personality in the Stars

I have never known much about horoscope, but on a recent trip I flipped through a friend’s book during a long plane ride and loved reading about each constellation’s personality. Similar to the Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, or other personality tools, I consider them just that – tools. These personality typing methods are a beginning point to better understand yourself and compliment a journey of self-awareness and personal discovery. So whether or not you’re into astrology, use your preferred method of typing to consider how it might play into your brand narrative.


MAR 21 – APR 19

ARIES / the ram

• Action-oriented
• Risk takers
• Enjoy new experiences
• Protective & loyal
• Spontaneous & energetic

From reading about Aries, I could see a relationship between Enneagram Type Eight and an Aries entrepreneur.

apr 20 – may 20

TAURUS / the bull

• Slow and steady
• Decisive
• Diligent in accomplishing goals
• Results-oriented
• Hard workers

From reading about Taurus, I could see a relationship between Enneagram Type Five and a Taurus entrepreneur.



MAY 21 – JUN 20

Gemini / the twins

• Detail-oriented
• Thoughtful & evaluate risks
• Good storytellers
• Cautious
• Amazing communicators
• Problem-solvers

From reading about Gemini, I could see a relationship between Enneagram Type Six and a Gemini entrepreneur.

JUN 21 – JUL 22

Cancer / the crab

• Highly selective when collaborating
• Direct communication
• Amazing memory
• Responsible
• Imaginative
• Effective problem solvers

From reading about Cancer, I could see a relationship between Enneagram Type Five and a Cancer entrepreneur.



JUL 23 – AUG 22

Leo / the lion

• Risk takers
• Gracious
• Resilient
• Commanding presence & authoritative
• Natural leaders
• Prefer to delegate

From reading about Leo, I could see a relationship between Enneagram Type Eight and a Leo entrepreneur.

AUG 23 – SEP 22

Virgo / the virgin

• Obsessed with productivity
• Generally optimistic
• Effective goal setters
• Dreamers
• Laser focused

From reading about Virgo, I could see a relationship between Enneagram Type Three and a Virgo entrepreneur.



SEP 23 – OCT 22

Libra / the scales

• Gracious communicator
• Excel in client/customer relations
• Enjoy partnerships
• Prioritize fair deals
• Share glory
• Don’t hold a grudge

From reading about Libra, I could see a relationship between Enneagram Type Nine and a Libra entrepreneur.

OCT 23 – NOV 21

Scorpio / the scorpion

• Wise investors
• Eye for quality
• Powerful presence
• Determined
• Able to stay concentrated
• Shrewd

From reading about Scorpio, I could see a relationship between Enneagram Type Eight and a Scorpio entrepreneur.



NOV 22 – DEC 21

Sagittarius / the archer

• Intelligent
• Curious mind
• Generally optimistic
• Adventurous
• Uncompromising
• Enjoy change and new experiences

From reading about Sagittarius, I could see a relationship between Enneagram Type Seven and a Sagittarius entrepreneur.

DEC 22 – JAN 19

Capricorn / the goat

• Serious & highly ambitious
• Very hard working
• Enjoy being part of a team
• Diligent with finances
• High achievers
• Enjoy being around successful people

From reading about Capricorn, I could see a relationship between Enneagram Type Two and a Capricorn entrepreneur.



JAN 20 – FEB 18

Aquarius / the vase

• Independent
• Future-focused
• Excellent communicators
• Rational thinkers
• Easily able to transform experiences
• Progressive, deep thinkers

From reading about Aquarius, I could see a relationship between Enneagram Type One and an Aquarius entrepreneur.

FEB 19 – MAR 20

Pisces / the fish

• Easily adapts to change
• Doesn’t waste time
• Excel at self-expression
• Unconcerned with profit
• Stay above tricky situations

From reading about Pisces, I could see a relationship between Enneagram Type Four and a Pisces entrepreneur.


Using symbolism in Design

If you’re thinking about using symbolism and personality in your brand design, I have a few tips and ideas below to get the wheels spinning and ideas flowing!

Consider Symbolic Meaning

The most important part of using mythology or symbolism in your branding is to fully understand what it means. If you’re going to align with a particular personality at that level, I would suggest doing some research and reading a few books to make sure you understand the deeper meaning of that symbol.

Embrace the Personality

Go further than just using the symbol in your design – embrace the personality and carry that concept into your copywriting, photography, and full experience. Without feeling too boxed in, consider showing more of your personality throughout your communication so that your audience not only related the symbol to the person behind the brand, but can expand their own understanding of your personality.

Personalization is Key

It’s crucial to understand that personality typing is a tool for self-discovery. None of these methods are meant to be a diagnosis, but a starting point. So personalize your symbol and personality to fit who you are as a unique individual!

Last Thoughts

As you begin to research symbolism and mythology to use in your own designs, pay attention to other design cues like shape and color, which can add symbolic meaning in a more subtle way. A brand is so much more powerful when all of the elements have a story, but don’t force a concept if it doesn’t come naturally. You can always add in a few notes of interest in smaller ways.

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