what's a drop cap?

A ‘Drop Cap’ is a typography term that refers to the large initial letter that drops below the first line of a paragraph, usually used at the beginning of a section or chapter of a book.

So what does that have to do with your small business? The way I see it, branding is a lot like designing a Drop Cap. Just as a story is about to begin, or a new chapter unfolds, the Drop Cap stands out from the paragraph and sets the tone. It's the trend-setter, the attention-grabber, and it's usually having a lot more fun than the rest of the letters. That's what I want for your small business. I want you to steal the spotlight and set the tone. I want you to be the one letter that stands tall and proud while all the others are blending in. I want you to play well with the paragraph, while also being true to yourself. I want your business to be a Drop Cap.

I believe that the best (and most original) ideas happen collaboratively and that everyone has their own creative ideas. That’s why I take a partnership approach to each brand I work with, in order to maintain the integrity of your business.

I believe that great design does more than decorate a page - it tells a powerful story and points to a deeper purpose. I am an advocate for the brands I choose to work with and feel a true connection to each creative business owner who comes through my studio doors. This is why I offer honest feedback, imaginative ideas, and excellent design to each and every creative entrepreneur I have the pleasure of working with.