the details

Our Process


PHASE ONE: sitemap

For sites consisting of more than one page, we begin with a discovery process to track your digital footprint and the way that your business will function online. This will help to organize your thoughts into a clear path forward and give you a framework for gathering and creating the content that will go on your website.



Once the sitemap is approved, we will mockup and design the site wireframes into a PDF document so that you can review the design direction, see how your content will be represented visually, and work through design direction before we move to the web.


PHASE THREE: development

Once we begin building your site, we’ll customize the settings to match your brand aesthetic, integrate functionality that will streamline your digital transactions, and assign tags to your content that will allow potential customers to easily find your website.


PHASE FOUR: launch

After thoroughly testing your website and providing training videos for ongoing maintenance, it will be time to announce your new digital home base to your online audience!


The Investment


TIER One / SIMPLe statement

This package is ideal for a simple marketing site with less than 10 pages. Whether you’re a coach or a service provider, simplicity is key in booking sales, and this web package will get you up and running so that you can start booking your first clients and gain traction through a website blog.

$3,200 (50% deposit / 50% final) / 5-7 week process


TIER two / built to grow

Perfect for artists with galleries of work, the growth site will display your services in a clear and compelling layout that will impress and build trust with your audience. This package includes up to twenty pages so that you can showcase the breadth and variety of work that you offer and use a blog to tell the story behind each new project.

$5,000 (50% deposit / 50% final)  / 6-8 week process


TIER three / online empire

If you’re ready to start selling products online, this package is for you. With a commerce storefront and customized checkout experience, you’ll be sure to create repeat customers and increase your sales potential with a strong strategy and visually stunning digital storefront.

$7,000 (50% deposit / 50% final) / 8-10 week process

The Platforms


Basically, Squarespace is the best option for anyone who wants a website that they can easily manage without much of a learning curve. Sure, you won’t have as many plugins at your disposal, but you can trust that your website will grow with you and is strong enough to do the heavy lifting online. We believe that just because a platform is template based does not mean our imagination stops there. We strive to make every website unique and every experience original. And another perk about Squarespace? You can host pretty much everything all in one spot. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to a full turn-key web package.


If your imagination is running wild and you know your audience is going to be drawn to moving graphics and media-focused content, Wordpress may the the platform for you. The perks of using Wordpress is that the sky is the limit with plugins, coding, and crazy functionality. The downside? It’s not an easy platform to DIY maintain over time, and especially if your site requires heavy coding, you may need to hire a long-term developer to make updates. You’ll also be responsible for hosting your own Wordpress site on a hosting platform, like GoDaddy or Bluehost. If working off of a template just doesn’t cut it for your business’ needs, Wordpress may be the best choice for you.