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The Sunday Edition is a weekly digital newspaper and an invitation to slow down, find inspiration, and learn something new about entrepreneurship, branding, and travel. Pour your favorite beverage, settle in, and read the latest edition in design & (small) business. Open to find…

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- Diane Hughes

"The Sunday Edition is so beautifully written with such insightful strategies to create more balance in my days and reflect on the things that matter most! I seriously look forward to all your Sunday Editions!!" 

- Tori Bryl

"The Sunday Edition is such a soft, sincere, and refreshing read. It's one of my favorite newsletters, and a source of inspiration when writing our own, The Weekly Wind Down. I know many, like myself, are benefitting from your authentic branding and web presence as well as your openness about your life's journey." 

- Alisa

The Sunday Edition is the kind of inspirational content I want to ingest, It’s a way to begin the week with some positivity and motivation. It ignites my drive to continue my work and strive for results.

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