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The Project Scope

Erin and Matthew Conway know a thing or two about design. In 2016, they purchased a California fixer upper and decided to document the process. The rest is history. What started as a social media passion project evolved rather quickly into a full-scale business and online community. And after years of prioritizing the house and building relationships online, it was time to focus on the brand and website.

We ultimately wanted to inspire the Kismet audience to create homes that inspire them, that reflect back the family that lives within its walls—a place of warmth, hospitality, collected stories, and unique points of view. The Conways have created a home that is a safe and familiar space, and a place where everyone's invited, and we wanted their digital “home” to have a similar feeling.


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The Challenge


       ith any influential rebrand, it’s important to carefully consider the existing audience. We wanted to create an identity that felt authentic to the Conways while still allowing them room to grow into the potential of the business. We did this with extensive creative strategy and branding workshops that helped Erin & Matthew uncover what they loved most about Kismet and what they felt were opportunities to move the business forward.

We identified multiple areas that were prime for monetization, ways to easily differentiate from the flood of design renovation brands hitting the social media world, and create a distinct space for Kismet to grow and thrive. Their new website visually organizes and highlights the projects that have built their brand and audience over the years, while carefully shifting the brand to become a recognizable home renovation empire.

Beyond the brand, Erin & Matthew also wanted a brand that allowed them to freely express their opinions both on homes and human rights, to show up for causes they deeply care about and foster great relationships while we're working on amazing projects. The goal is not to create a perfectly polished house but a well preserved home.

Art Direction


We wanted to give the design an architectural feel to it because a lot of Erin & Matt’s design philosophy centers around honoring the original architectural style of a home and enhancing its natural details. We emphasized unique shapes, mimicked the structure and style of trim, created a brand crest, and explored clever visual cues to allude to different period styles that their home (and project) fall into.

We wanted the brand to still have the warmth and approachability of Nancy Meyer's set design, a reference their audience has often linked with published Kismet projects and fits perfectly with their company values and philosophy. We kept the brand warm, comfortable, and timeless as we prepared for the future without losing their story and personality along the way.


The Identity

Architectural Restoration & Timeless Hospitality—honoring the original architectural style of a home and enhancing its natural details.

For the logo, I wanted to blend the smart and structured architectural symmetry with a loose and laid back country villa aesthetic. Something that felt both warm and approachable, but still structurally sound and timeless. This new identity has a little extra edge and playfulness that we used throughout their marketing materials, giving the brand an elevated look and feel. With a custom home illustration of the first Kismet house, we paid homage to the previous brand as we shepherd their loyal audience into a new era of the company.

As we further implemented the identity across their email marketing and website, we wanted the experience to feel elevated and timeless, a true representation of Erin & Matt’s offline style. We created helpful resources, spent a lot of time organizing and structuring the flow of the blog, and ultimately came up with a virtual representation of the brand that they have so lovingly built from the very beginning. This has allowed the Conways to migrate their extensive social following onto a web platform that will monetize the influence they've accrued and build the business in this next chapter.

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You delivered a product we are so very proud of. I'm excited to share my website and blog again, and I haven't been able to say that in a very long time. The whole team was so great at keeping everyone on task and handled the technical learning curve respectfully and thoughtfully. I’m so thankful for your team’s professionalism and commitment to excellence!

Erin Conway, Kismet House

We knew what we wanted, but we didn't know how to execute it and                                         

you made it happen!


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