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The Project Scope

Established in 2008, Macao News is the longest running English-language online media platform in Macao. For over a decade, they have published in-depth news coverage and special features, as well as profiles of prominent people shaping the city. Designed to meet the evolving needs of the Macao community, they seized a gap in the market for an all-inclusive platform that features breaking news, deep dives, and high-calibre lifestyle content.

With a fresh, sleek style, we showcased the new, exciting, and eclectic offerings of Macao with a rebrand of the business and digital platform. From culture to the arts, gastronomy, events, sustainability, wellness, animal welfare and more, we sought to display the rich diversity and that kept up with the city's dynamic pace.

The Macao News

LOGO Suite

The Challenge


      he greatest challenge as we established the new brand identity for Macao News was, unsurprisingly, understanding the culture of the city and designing collateral items using the many languages used by Macao citizens—Cantonese and Portuguese as the official two, and English and Mandarin as widely spoken alternatives. This created many layout challenges as we sought to give equal priority to each language, which at times created distinct design layout challenges.

This was our first major international brand, and became so much more than a project to promote a business, but an exploration of a city and culture on the opposite side of the world from our studio. We discovered the history and cuisine, the arts and technology, and embarked on this journey during the Pandemic, when we were confined to our home offices. This branding project was extensive and continued for many years after the brand launched in 2020, and to this day is one of our most interesting brands to date.

Art Direction


Drawing inspiration from traditional newspaper grids, we created a logo that fit within the grid structure of their journals and magazines, making the best use of space, but modernizing for a fast-paced digital audience. This honored the traditional components of an old-fashioned news publication, but incorporated a fresh, more interesting aesthetic than the competition. We played with various red, blue, and neutral color tones to create a color palette that grabs attention, looks sophisticated, and honors the content.

Most news outlets benefit from a strong masthead and typeset logo, so we designed a distinct typelock logo that would be recognizable across all media platforms and tie their content together.


The Identity

your city, your news.

Macao News embodies the city they represent: diverse and multifaceted. Macao is a place where heritage and modernity thrive side-by-side. We celebrated the diversity of the city in all its forms by covering every aspect of life in Macao through the design. We bridged language barriers, explored new ideas and brought a much needed spotlight on the people, food, and businesses that make the city of Macao so unique.
The brand identity and web design show a modern take on news media outlet, blending traditional journalism with new media in a way that feels fast-paced and relevant, while also honoring the deep history of the city. The result is a brand that feels trustworthy and established, while carrying the city and the news into a colorful new future of news coverage and featured spotlights.

LAUNCHED 2020 / @macaonews


Mariana César de Sá, Macao News

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