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The Project Scope

Keith and Diane Hughes are a husband and wife team—world travelers, food lovers and wellness entrepreneurs. When they first reached out to the studio, they were in need of some technical support in setting up their TONIC template and connecting their email marketing platform. But once we got on a discovery call and they were able to share their story and vision for the future of FIT Hughes, we saw that there was a big opportunity to go all-in on the rebrand and partner with our favorite copywriting agency, Copy Uncorked, to bring their entire vision to life.

Both Keith and Diane have studied with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and work as Health and Fitness Coaches with Beachbody. Keith is a professionally trained chef and Diane is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with advanced certifications in gut health, hormone health and emotional eating. They have both gone through physical health and life transformations of their own and are dedicated to helping others transform their lives through online health, nutrition, and supportive fitness programs. They help clients improve their health, achieve their goals and develop sustainable habits to live a healthy and balanced life. 

Ultimately, Keith and Diane have a heart for wellness and entrepreneurship. They believe that a healthy life is a holistic one that supports the mind, body, heart, and soul. As their business and influence grow, they are committed to helping other wellness coaches and health advocates create fulfilling and successful online businesses of their own.

FIT Hughes

LOGO Suite

The Challenge


      he biggest challenge during this rebranding process was integrating their partnership with Beachbody (now Bodi) and needing their personal brand to blend and look like a cohesive partnership. We wanted Diane & Keith to stand out with their own look and style, but still work in the brand recognition of a larger company that was in the midst of a rebrand of their own.
In addition, this brand is more than a supplement and fitness company. It’s a lifestyle brand that includes entrepreneurship, nutrition (I mean Keith is a chef after all!), and ex-pat living. We wanted the style to feel gender-neutral, have a very subtle tropical nod to their Mexican home, and build a solid foundation for Diane & Keith’s coaching business to flourish. 

Visual Concept


When Diane & Keith are not working on their business, you can find them exploring the beaches of the Mayan Riviera, checking out local foodie spots and enjoying a good mezcal margarita or two. So this company really needed to blend not only their expertise in the health & fitness world, but also showcase the beautiful life they have cultivated as a result.

We established three primary visual themes as we worked to develop a custom brand identity for FIT Hughes—focusing on travel & leisure, sexy food photography, and a wellness brand that felt edgy, urban, and timeless. We decided to lean into the narrative of a busy and overstressed executive who was at the crossroads of their own health journey and needing to make major life decisions.

Our FIT Hughes ideal client is familiar with nice things, and has worked hard to cultivate a life of beauty—and the main factor that will help them commit to a lifestyle change is when their health journey matches the luxury and intention that they put into other areas of their life. So instead of going overly vibrant and motivationally cheesy, we created a brand look and voice that was as professional, intelligent, and cutting-edge as possible to cut through the noise and get right to the point in a way their audience would appreciate.


The Identity

Holistic Health for the Urban Executive

Our concept for the logo design was heavily influenced by gym culture and athleisure—where fitness goals meet fashion trends. This brand is a luxury fitness destination—strong, sleek, and sexy. This identity also compliments Bodi’s rebrand really well because it's fairly subtle and versatile, while still making a strong statement.

With the new brand identity, we wanted to create brand assets that would translate well to potential merchandise and various programs and FIT Hughes experiences, while really standing out primarily online among other health & fitness virtual coaches. The color palette is a warm neutral, and we brought in a lot of playfulness and travel through the development of brand patterns, where we were able to bring in that tropical vibe.

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We had so many ideas and didn't know or have the expertise to put them all together into a cohesive brand. Our previous website and business materials did not reflect us, our style or our vision - and to be quite honest, we were embarrassed of our previous website and never sent anyone there, which negatively impacted our business and confidence as entreprenuers. We were absolutely thrilled with the way you transformed all our messy ideas into a coherent and stunning vision. Your ability to grasp every intricate detail, from choosing the perfect colors and fonts to crafting a unique avatar and positioning our brand in the market, was truly remarkable. Your expertise made the entire process smooth and effortless, and we couldn't be happier with the way you brought our vision to life! We love all aspects of it, the layout, the fonts, the colors and it's uniqueness. It's stunning. It will allow us to relaunch our business and step into the marketplace with confidence and direction!


              we have a website that reflects us and that we are


proud of!!


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