DEC 12-14,2022

The (free) 2022
Brand Summit

The 2022 Brand Summit is a three-day event filled with educational trainings and Q&A sessions with a handful of carefully curated brands that have been the gold standard in digital marketing and entrepreneurship this year.

The Sunday Edition is a weekly digital newspaper and an invitation to slow down, find inspiration, and learn something new about entrepreneurship, branding, and productivity. Pour your favorite beverage, settle in, and read the latest in design + [small] business.

The Sunday Edition is the kind of inspirational content I want to ingest, It’s a way to begin the week with some positivity and motivation. It ignites my drive to continue my work and strive for results.


The Edit

Explore The Edit - our collective list of tools, programs, products, travel finds, and resources to guide you on the path towards entrepreneurship, with our signature dose of style & adventure. We’ve tried it all so you don’t have to — this edited list is curated especially for you.