Creating personalized brands to build your platform, attract your ideal audience,
and cultivate the business you’ve been dreaming of.


With big ideas & a solid brand, you can go chase your wildest ambitions.

You have the dreams, let us help you build that solid brand. Our mission is to empower and inspire creative small business owners to tell a captivating story to their dream audience. By practicing a collaborative approach, we edit and refine ideas to land on the look that will pack the most punch and lead your loyal following through a powerful journey of discovery.


brand design

for when you realize just how hard it is
to do-it-yourself

We’ve all been there - staring at a blank white screen trying to decide where to start. You may have thought coming up with the business idea was going to be the hardest part - but defining your own brand can be its own process of elimination. Whether you’re refreshing your existing company for a new season or trying out a new idea, having a second opinion can be the difference between getting it right the first time or ending up with a jumble of disconnected pieces.


Brand Strategy Session

Creative Mood Board

Audience Persona, Values + Brand Directives

Visual Collaboration

3 Original Logo Concepts

Primary & Secondary Logos

Typography + color Palette

Social Media Mark

Business Card Design

Brand Assets*

Brand Style Guide PDF

2 Rounds of Revisions

*inquire for a complete list


Our niche is personality-based branding, using the personality of our client to attract like-minded individuals to grow a profitable brand and business.

Do you resonate with one of these personalities?


the personal brand

influencers • educators • speakers • bloggers

You have a story to tell, and are looking to build an online platform and attract a captivated audience to share it.

Our goal is to help you build your audience.


the creative entrepreneur


You have a creative talent and want to collaborate with the perfect roster of appreciative clients.

Our goal is to help you build your client list.


the artisan

jewelry • chef • clothing • craftsman

You make a stunning product and want to find a market of excited customers who will also love it.

Our goal is to help you attract more customers.


the guide

coach • consultant • advisor • healer

You have a message to promote, and want to find the right students to benefit from your perspective and advice.

Our goal is to help you find your students.

Recent Brands

OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this work!!!! I have happy tears in my eyes and just wanted you to know you have NAILED IT! Thank you. I am grateful for your open listening and commitment to excellence..
— Pamela Harless, Collective Confidence



Payment Plan: (4) 25% installments

Timeline: 6 Weeks


The discovery process starts with a small bit of homework, and then a deep-dive conversation to unpack your style. During this session, we listen to your dreams, talk you through the messaging process, and ask questions to better understand your business. From the information we gather in this session, we’ll put together a creative direction PDF to summarize our vision for your brand.


After you’ve approved the creative direction, we’ll use it as a reference point to start working on your logo concepts. After creating multiple designs, we pick the strongest three and present them to you via an in-depth presentation that includes the reasoning behind each design. Based on your feedback, we’ll revise the concept before moving forward into development.

03 / refine

During the refining stage, we’ll develop the remaining components of your brand style - including color and font selections, a business card design, digital mockups, and illustrative assets. We’ll go through 2 rounds of revisions to the entire style guide to make sure that each element is a perfect representation of your brand vision.

I love these concepts! You did such a good job on these that it’s made for a TOUGH decision!
— Sunny Logsden, Rise + Repeat

Additional Services

brand strategy

website design + development

site content creation

packaging design