5 Ways to Enjoy a Winter Studio


Jan 22

In the winter, we let go of the old to make room for renewal.

We are officially a few weeks in to 2018 and I’m definitely feeling the winter feelings. Here in Dallas, the weather is unpredictable at best. Sure, we don’t have the snow and ice that I see our northern friends posting about, but the temperature can dip and rise several times throughout the day, making it imperative to keep layers in the studio.

But, the fluctuating temperature is not keeping me from enjoying the winter season.

Candles and coffee aside, the winter season has symbolic value. In the winter time, we let go of the old to make room for renewal. It is a necessary time to reflect and open our lives for new possibilities to emerge.

Here are a few things to do this week to make the most of the winter season in your business:

  • Evaluate how you are spending your time and money in your business. Is there anything you should be letting go so that new opportunities can make their way into your life? For resources, winter is a time to appreciate a barren landscape that will spring new life in just a few months.

  • Are there relationships in your business that you could lean into just a bit more? Maybe it’s a former client you’d love to work with again, a fellow creative you could collaborate with, or a new friend that could encourage you to pursue your goals. For community, winter is a time of seeking warmth.

  • Is there an opportunity rest and rejuvenate throughout your day? Maybe it’s cooking a warm meal at home for lunch, or catching an afternoon yoga class. For activities, winter is a time of rest and recovery.

As I look for ways to celebrate winter myself, I came across some amazing blog posts on the internet that may just spark your interest:

photo from The Everygirl

photo from The Everygirl

1. 8 Easy Ways to Experience Hygge at Home by The Everygirl

“I quickly learned that hygge is not a trend, but actually a part of the everyday life here in Denmark. Being grateful, slowing down, meeting with friends over good food and conversation, and creating a warm, relaxed atmosphere in our rentals has proven that no matter where you are in the world, you can live a more hygge lifestyle that leaves you feeling whole.”

I have always wanted to go to Denmark, and definitely resonate with their slow and purposeful lifestyle. This article gives some great ideas for incorporating hygge into your home and daily routine.

photo from Darling

photo from Darling

2. An Older, Wiser Way to Think About ‘The Pen Pal’ by Darling

“…perhaps you’ll meet someone from the other side of the world or country and learn a whole new way of everyday life. Regardless of whether you physically get to take a trip to meet them, perhaps your words and friendship through a penpalship can do the exploring for you.”

I’ve had several pen pals at different points in my life, and remember spending hours putting together my letters (because you can’t just send a letter without a surprise inside!) It was actually my friend Codi who showed me just how cool letters could be. She had a pen pal program a few years ago that I absolutely loved.

But this article by Darling points to a different, more modern type of pen pal. One I hadn’t considered before. And thinking this way is a small way to add winter nostalgia to everyday interactions.

graphic from Designlovefest

graphic from Designlovefest

3. Dress Your Tech by Designlovefest

I absolutely love perusing the downloadables on the Designlovefest website. There’s no better way to liven up a workspace than changing out the design you see every time you open your laptop or check your phone. And these winter florals….

photo by Brandi Welles for Bossladies

photo by Brandi Welles for Bossladies

4. Turning a Passion into Revenue by Bossladies

“I’m a firm believer that life kinda always nudges you in the right direction. Even if you think you know what the right thing to do is, life has funny way of pushing you toward what is actually good for you.”

I have always been inspired by the stories of other women who are chasing their dreams, which is why I love reading the Bossladies blog. But this story in particular really spoke to me.

I’ve noticed that I tend to pick up old hobbies and ideas during the winter months. Maybe it has something to do with the sun setting just a bit earlier and the cold keeping me inside.

Last winter, my mom picked up a new hobby – pottery. And less than a year later, she quit her job to pursue it full time. What kind of dormant passion could you rediscover this season?


5. The Best Audiobooks of All Time Might Actually Have You Hoping for a Traffic Jam by My Domaine

In the colder season, there’s nothing I love more than curling up with a good book.

But… I don’t get to do that as often as I’d like. And when I find myself stuck in the studio (or traffic) I like to make the most of it by indulging in my favorite past time. I’ve found it’s especially good for my creativity if I can unplug from the digital world and let my imagination run while listening to a good story.

I for one can’t wait to try out some of these reads and see which narrators bring the stories to life.

The winter months can be long and lonely, but with a few adjustments you’ll find that it’s a beautiful season of rest and reflection to start your year off on the right foot.

Which ideas do you plan to try in your own life and business?

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